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Puthiya Thalaimurai News Channel (TamilNadu): Currently 'Puthiya Thalaimurai' is the Number One News Channel in TamilNadu, across all TGs outperforming all other news channels in the market. It was launched in August 2011 and has been growing exponentially in viewership week on week. It is the only channel in the TamilNadu television history, without a political alignment to not only become the Number One channel but also able to sustain its position for several weeks.

V6 News Channel (Andhra Pradesh): V6 News Channel was launched in 1st week of April 2012 and is a month and a half old. The channel has already created a huge impact in AP, mainly with its unbiased and refreshing content. Though the genre is cluttered with too many news channels, V6 News Channel is one of the very few channels with no political alignment and has got its facts right with viewership numbers as well. The Channel is already at Number Three position in Hyderabad in such a short period and is growing steadily week on week.

Krishna TV (TamilNadu): Krishna TV is a first-of-its-kind television channel in TamilNadu owned by Dr.Subramaniam Swamy, the politician/reformist. It is a completely new genre by itself which has 30% of spiritual content such as discourses by Heads of Chinmaya Math, Ramakrishna Math, etc and has 70% of the programs focused on promoting and reviving Indian dance, culture, heritage, etc. The channel has carved itself an excellent niche, which an advertiser cannot ignore. At present, Krishna TV is present in the "Rest of TamilNadu" market through Arasu Cable Network.

Chennai Live 104.8 FM (Chennai): Chennai Live 104.8 FM is the only English radio station in Chennai and has a separate niche audience for itself, which an advertiser cannot ignore.The station has been phenomenal in its programming content and has a lot to offer for the clients advertising On Air. Chennai Live 104.8 FM, apart from being different in the language, also has a different approach to content. While the other players in the vernacular space are moving towards more music per hour and less of jock talk, Chennai Live 104.8 FM has almost a 50:50 split on music and talk. It is more of a talk radio, which has meaningful conversations between the jock and the audience. Due to this strategy, even the people who are not up-to-date on latest English music or who don't follow English music, still tune into Chennai Live to listen to the jock-talk, which, at most times are about current topics that is a part and parcel of everyone's day-to-day lives. While the market leader Suryan FM 93.5 has a listenership of around 5.5 Lakhs, Chennai Live 104.8 FM has around 3.3 Lakh listeners, which is a better number than some players in the vernacular space itself (According to the RAM Report for Chennai)

Puthiya Thalaimurai Magazine (TamilNadu): Puthiya Thalaimurai is a weekly magazine from the house of SRM, the owners of the News Channel of the same name as the magazine. Puthiya Thalaimurai is one of the leading magazines in TamilNadu, with complete content driven towards social awareness among young adults. In its genre, Puthiya Thalaimurai is the only magazine that concentration on the young adults as audience and the retention rate is as low as 5% every week. The magazine has a plethora of advertisers from all over the country, who target the young adults and is one of the most sought-after magazines for advertisers. The magazine has a circulation of 2.5 lakh copies every week, which is an achievement in itself among the Tamil weekly magazines.

Puthiya Thalaimurai Kalvi Magazine (TamilNadu): Puthiya Thalaimurai Kalvi is another magazine from the SRM Group. This magazine has its entire content describing about the right ways of education and different career paths to choose, for students to know and guide them in the right path to what they want to achieve. The magazine speaks at large to students about the current trends in education and guides to some of the popular examinations.

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